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Investment Advisory Services*
Fee-Based Money Management  
utilizing Matrix Asset Allocation using 
top academic research and institutional 
DFA Dimensional Funds.

Products offered through PAYROLL Deduction
                  Mutual Funds*
                  Variable Annuities*
                  Variable Life*
                  Long Term Care
                  Roth IRA`s
                  Traditional IRA`s
                  Disability Income

Federal Employee Benefits 
Questions you need to know to make an intelligent,informed decision regarding your retirement package.
CSRS Retirement - FERS Retirement 
                  Social Security 
*  What will I receive as a FERS Employee? 
*  What are the penalties for CSRS Employees?

                  Military Credit
* Payback - What does it do for me?

                 Non-Credit Time
* Payback - Who does it effect?
* What does it do for me?

      Spousal Retirement Elections
* Are there alternatives?

             Taxes at Retirement
* What is taxable income? What is not?

              Thrift Savings Plan 
* What should my strategy be while I am working?
* What about after I retire?

         Retirement Calculations
* What happens to the days left over when computing 
         years, months, and days of service?
* Do I receive credit or do I forfeit those days?
* When is the best time to retire?

Will you be offered an Early Out or will your option be a RIF? 
Which is in your best financial interest?
How is your CSRS credit calculated? 
What about your CSRS sick leave credit? 
Thrift Savings Plan - how does it impact your retirement? 
Are you subject to Social Security Windfall and Spousal offset penalties? 
How is your annuity calculated if you retire before you are eligible? 
When you retire early, what are your pension options? 
What are your tax implications after retirement? 
What happens to your FEGLI benefits? 
What happens to your health insurance benefits? 
What are spousal retirement costs?

If you cannot answer all of these questions 
and other Federal Employee Benefit questions 
as they relate to you.... 
You need Personal, Professional Consulting Services


We offer computerized printouts of all your benefits 
making your retirement decision informed and effortless.